Artwork by Carlos Ramirez, collage, mixed media spray paint, pop culture images including playboy bunny, devil, Jerry Seinfeld and a baseball bat along with classic images including Jesus Christ, Medusa and a golden cow.

Carlos Ramirez
desert mirage and the in between
, 2022
Original cross hatch drawing (medusa), spray paint, found and ready made objects
50 x 62 x 5 in.
Part of Zzyzx Redux, organized by Bernard Leibov
On view at Intersect Palm Springs, February 10 – 13, 2022

Carlos Ramirez (b. 1967) is a visual artist born and raised in the Coachella Valley (California). As the son of migrant-worker parents, whose mother once worked with civil rights leader Cesar Chavez during the grape boycott of the 1970s, his personal experiences of struggle and victory as part of this resilient community informs Ramirez’ point of view. An overarching theme in his work is bringing visibility to an oft invisible people, such as highlighting the inequalities within Mexican-American communities and uplifting the common man. Ramirez’ paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, and animations incorporate found objects in an excavation and exploration of artifacts and cultural identity. Ramirez recently completed a public art project for a social justice initiative in Austin, TX in concert with PBS as well as a project for the Museum Of Art and History (MOAH): Lancaster. He has had exhibitions at the Oakland Museum of California, the Crocker Museum, Laguna Art Museum, Palm Springs Art Museum, New Image Art Gallery, ACE Gallery Beverly Hills, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Thinkspace Gallery, and has had commissioned projects for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Samsung, and Wynwood Walls.


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