BoxoPROJECTS is a sponsored project of Fulcrum Arts, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of BoxoPROJECTS must be made payable to Fulcrum Arts and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
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Founding Contributors ($10,000+)
William Kentridge and Anne Stanwix
Brenda Potter

Sheriff ($5,000+)
Ken Kuchin & Tyler Morgan
Simon Yates

Pioneers ($1,000+)
Eduardo Braniff
IJ Feldman Foundation
Coco Hall
Bonnie and George Kopp
Randy Polumbo
Susan and Leonard Nimoy
Jerome Stern Family Foundation

Ranchers ($500+)
Christopher Apgar
Greg Bryan
James Flicker
Craig Harwood and Tim Saternow
David Stainton
Henry van Ameringen

Prospectors ($250+)
Cat Celebrezze & Blake Baxter
Claudette Chinnery Faison
Anna Gross
Toby and Lowell Harwood
Ray Landy
Ted and Mary Jo Shen

Homesteaders ($100+)
Bob Beleson
Jana Belot
Jason Colin
James Curtis
Jenny Fielding
John Geresi
Jim Greenberg
Anna Gross
Leslie Harwood
Joan Iaconetti
Kylie Ingram
Elizabeth Keithline
Suzanne Kucera
Hermes Mallea
Maryanna McConnell
Barbara Hunt McLanahan
Michael Normandy / JP Morgan Chase
Bill Smolen
Jan Staller
Matthew Stern
Jane Sutherland
Pavel Zoubok


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