BoxoPROJECTS is a sponsored project of Fulcrum Arts, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of BoxoPROJECTS must be made payable to Fulcrum Arts and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.
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Founding Contributors ($50,000+)
William Kentridge and Anne Stanwix

Governor ($25,000+)

Mayor ($10,000+)
Brenda Potter

Sheriff ($5,000+)
Ai Infinity Foundation
Ken Kuchin & Tyler Morgan
Simon Yates

Pioneers ($1,000+)
Steven Biller
Daniell Cornell
Coco Hall
Jerome Stern Family Foundation
Brad Wilson and David Davis

Ranchers ($500+)
Patricia Marino
Constance Old
Randy Polumbo

Prospectors ($250+)
Richard Crisman and Jeffrey Brock
Ray Landy
Keith Markovitz
Rosemary Macedo
Martha Mackey
Larry Matthews
Susan and Kent Seelig
Julie Weiman

Homesteaders ($100+)
Jason Andrew
Shari Elf
Barnett English
Bonnie and George Kopp
Hal Meltzer
David Paisley
Carl Schoeneman
Laraine Turk
Antoine Vigne

Spike and Kyle Edney
Mara Gladstone
Mindy Kaufman
Nancy Klein
Bonnie and George Kopp
Kim Manfredi
Randi Swindel
Elizabeth Tinglof
Kimberlina Whettam


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