Thanks to everyone who made this another wonderful edition of the Joshua Treenial. Stay tuned for future programming.

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Joshua Treenial Artists:
Carl Berg & Cecilia Miniucchi // Johan Urban Bergquist // Ryan Campbell // Anibal Catalan // Rachel Dagnall // Jeff Frost // Séverin Guelpa // Mary Addison Hackett // Samantha Harris & Almond Zigmund // Adriene Jenik & Dominic Miller // Mathias Kessler // Angus McCullough // Paloma Menéndez // Michael Petry // Per Platou // Sabine Reckewell // Aili Schmeltz // Lewis deSoto // Benjamin Stanwix // Ivan Wong

Lewis deSoto performances of Tired of Eternity are available here: Episode 2, Episode 3

Mary Addison Hackett The Tenderer and Anonymous was a Vlog available here: LINK

Cultural Partners:
Art Queen / Diane Best / Angel Chen / High Desert Test Sites / Joshua Tree Highlands Arts Residency / JT Lab / La Matadora Gallery / Outpost Projects / Rough Play Projects / Aaron Sheppard / Kim Stringfellow / 29 Palms Art Gallery / Unpaved Gallery

Lead Sponsor: Atelier Ace & Ace Hotel & Swim Club Palm Springs

Sponsors: Crossroads Cafe, Pappy & Harriet’s, Mojave Desert Land Trust, Joshua Tree Health Foods, The Desert House, Palos Verdes Art Center

The Joshua Treenial is a part of Desert X Parallel Projects