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The Joshua Treenial 2023: Aterritorial

November 11-19, 2023

This is a time when boundaries of all forms are being enforced: territorial boundaries, binary thinking, and ideological lines in the sand. The artists in Aterritorial propose new ways of seeing, of challenging the many lines being drawn, and of reconnecting us to a greater arc of wholeness and fluidity beyond holding ground. By blurring the binary, acknowledging past histories and preserving hope, they offer aterritorial paths to new futures.

Curated by: Kóan Jeff Baysa & Bernard Leibov

Amabelle Aguiluz
Claudia Bucher
Emily Endo
Pier Fichefeux
Gustavo Godoy
Vinhay Keo
Constance Old
Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs
LJ Roberts
Sunny Samuel
Chris Sanchez
Michelle Schwengel-Regala & Lorna Herf
Stephanie Cheng Smith
Jacobine van der Meer
Jinny Yu

Cultural Partners
Diane Best with musical collaborator Lucio Menegon and cohorts
Compound Yucca Valley with Tess Jenkins
Goat Gallery with christian olid-ramirez
Harrison House Music Arts Ecology with Kim Marcus
High Desert Test Sites
Joshua Tree National Park & JT Lab
Aaron and Casey Sheppard
Kim Stringfellow
Yucca Valley Material Lab with Julie Tolentino