Grimanesa Amoros (Lima, Peru / NY) presents a video of the desert, earth, water and the air from an idea of balance and a personal perspective of nature and
landscape. @BoxoHOUSE

Elena Bajo (Los Angeles, CA/ Madrid, Spain) presents colored plexi transparent and mirror reflective sheets inserted in the natural rocks in the landscape. @BoxoHOUSE

Ali Beletic (Joshua Tree, CA) creates a contemplative space amongst the iconic rocks of Joshua Tree in which the observer can simply be as the night sky unfolds. @BoxoHOUSE

Janet Bellotto (Canada, UAE) invests the inside of an old bus with light and images, just visible externally. @BoxoHOUSE

Jon Bernad (Washington, DC), Skye Quadling (South Africa) present a small quartz crystal containing a photo of Bernard’s trip in the middle of nowhere, South Africa; and a sand drawing of the family crest created after  that trip. @BoxoHOUSE

Diane Best (Joshua Tree, CA) presents three moving image works (Ba-Ba, No Destination and Ubehebe) which immerse one in the vast landscape of the SouthWest, projected onto an outdoor screen with live band accompaniment. @The Palms

Andrew Binkley (Honolulu, HI) presents several inflatable “balloons” that look like the boulders of Joshua Tree, floating in the air above actual rock formations like a floating zen garden. @BoxoHOUSE

Naomi Campbell (New York, NY) presents an outdoor sculpture that graphically displays the daily average amount of water used by a person within a day in the US.
Reflecting natural cycles and seeds, this piece uses still life/”nature morte” elements of nature. @BoxoHOUSE

Sydney Nina Cooper (Santa Fe, NM) rakes the desert surface like a Japanese Zen garden. @BoxoHOUSE

Rodney Dickson (Belfast, Norther Ireland / NY, NY) presents a crude crucifix commingling his experiences in Belfast and Vietnam with the agendas of religion and of the military in the desert. @BoxoHOUSE

Bob Dornberger (Los Angeles, CA) continues the theme of his Secret Restaurant and feeds the starving artists. @BoxoHOUSE

David Eddington (Los Angeles, CA) David Eddington (Los Angeles, CA) presents a small painting in dialogue with the issues of sustainability in the high desert. @BoxoHOUSE

Megan Evans & Biddy Connor (Melbourbe, Australia) presents Megan’s video piece, Stranger in the Desert, which blends footage developed during her residency at BoxoPROJECTS with segments from her home country and examines colonialism and displacement. The original soundtrack by Biddy Connor was also composed at a BoxoPROJECTS residency@BoxoHOUSE

Fred Fleisher (Brooklyn, NY) shows an instructional video of a meditating clown that has received critical acclaim in a current solo Berlin show. @BoxoHOUSE

Paula Flores, Elsoldelrac, Mariel Abarca, T.P. Gilbert, L. Fructuo (Tijuana, Mexico) install mirrored desert flora shapes from the Baja California desert of Mexico with in the Mojave desert landscapes of Joshua Tree. @BoxoHOUSE and elsewhere

Shingo Francis (Yokohama, Japan / Pasadena, CA) presents a broken mirror installation in the landscape. @BoxoHOUSE

David Goodman (Brooklyn, NY) invites you to participate in his ongoing project at BoxoHOUSE entitled ‘The Tuning Field’ in which you plant a Tuning  Stake in a spot of personal resonance. @BoxoHOUSE

Kio Griffith ( Japan / Los Angeles, CA) uses a wrecked car to install a light and sound piece that will resemble a radioactive interstellar crash. @BoxoHOUSE

Kio Griffith, Scott Cazan, Joseph Hammer, Jesse Peterson, Mia Doi Todd  (Los Angeles, CA) comprise a soundscaping quintet that will move throughout the interior of the Integraton, with live and recorded sounds, demonstrating the structure’s unique acoustic qualities to the listening  audience. @The Integraton

Moses Hacmon, Jesse Gilbert  (Los Angeles, CA)  wrap the Integraton with a pictorial skin that exposes the hidden world of water. @The Integratron and @BoxoHOUSE

Daniel Horowitz (DUMBO, NY) presents an animation of a galloping horse that reflects his background in illustration. @BoxoHOUSE

Yi-Ping Hou (Taiwan / Los Angeles, CA) with Marcos Lutyens (film/production), Ximena Valero (costume designer), Chris Hou (composer). The storyteller incorporates vocal incantation and flowing movements to capture a primordial mood that once haunted a solitary human being. @Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts

Dineke van Huizen (Rotterdam, Holland) reflects in a playful way the serious paradox of visual illusion and concrete reality, delivering colourful, vibrant formations just hanging in the air that lead to literal and figurative tension-fields that visually absorb, mix with and transform the environment. @BoxoHOUSE

Ichiro Irie and Lucas Kazansky (Los Angeles, CA) present two augmented reality works on laser-inscribed wood, viewed on hand-held devices and based on prior self-destructive and transgressive past behaviors. The images appear and disappear in succession weaving a fragmented and ambiguous narrative where viewers are encouraged to fill in the gaps. @BoxoHOUSE

Jon Kolkin (raleigh, NC) presents a striking photograph of a Buddhist monk in silhouette. @BoxoHOUSE

Dominik Lejman (Poznan, Poland) projects paradoxical reversed images of snow skiers on the side of a structure. @BoxoHOUSE

Bennett Lieberman (New York, NY) presents his large text-based colored works on canvas, draped over boulders on the grounds. @BoxoHOUSE

Kevin Lin (Los Angeles, CA) problematizes the very act of viewing a segment of the cosmos in a moving sculpture in the landscape. @BoxoHOUSE

Seth Olinsky, Scott Pinkmountain, Hans Wagner, Aaron Hawn, Grant Earl Lavalley, Lucio Menegon, Julie Carpentar, Dain Luscombe, Jamie Hafler, Maryrose Crook, Brian Crook, Eliot Eidelman, Dan Anderson, Michael Papillo  (Joshua Tree, CA) perform several short pieces that maximize the unique sound qualities of The Integratron’s structure and invite the audience to enter into the music making. @The Integratron

Anne Katrine Senstad (Oslo, Norway / New York, NY) creates an installation in a room with the escaping light creating a tense beauty. @BoxoHOUSE

Kiki Seror (Joshua Tree, CA) invites you to participate in a journey of being watched and surveilling strangers on Chatroulette. @BoxoHOUSE

Aaron Sheppard (Joshua Tree, CA) enacts a costumed  ocean-themed dramatic performance at Art Queen. @ArtQueen

Philip K Smith III (Palm Desert, CA) unveils new photographic and installation works based on the phenomenon that was Lucid Stead. @BoxoHOUSE

Kim Stringfellow (Joshua Tree, CA) leads a tour of the Jackrabbit Homesteads of Wonder Valley to the accompaniment of her audio guide to the area and these evocative structures. @BoxoHOUSE (see Schedule for instructions on rendezvous and download))

Anna Stump and Daphne Hill (San Diego, CA) present one large painting each, of Joshua Trees as monstrous guardians, in glam and bling resin and metallic finishes. @BoxoHOUSE

Steed Taylor (New York, NY)  created ‘Celtic Knot for Joshua Tree’, a 50’ x 6’ x 18” cast in place sculpture during his residency with BoxoPROJECTS. @BoxoHOUSE

Gosia Wlodarczak (Melbourne, Australia) created FROST DRAWING FOR JOSHUA TREE, a multipanel drawing on glass, as a performance during the inauguration of BoxoHOUSE. @BoxoHOUSE

Tuguldur Yondonjamts (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia / New York, NY) shows a video of a performance that involves khuumii (throat singing),”the river in the mind” of people in the Gobi desert in Mongolia, and transformations of the inner self and the outer landscape. @BoxoHOUSE

Jiayi Young and Shih-Wen Young (Sacramento, CA) work with the Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater to map projected messages from individuals onto a stellar matrix and sending them into outer space via laser-guided telescopes. @Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater