Sofie Elana Hodara
Open House Saturday, June 10, 2017 at 3 PM – 6 PM @BoxoHOUSE

According to climate scientists, the Joshua trees in the Joshua Tree National Park are in danger of extinction over the next 100 years. Though populations of the trees living farther north, where temperatures are cooler, are thriving, the ones in the park are may not survive the changing environment.

In response to this poetic tragedy – the death of the park’s namesake – artists and long-time collaborators Sofie Elana Hodara and UBIQ have come together at BoxoPROJECTS to work on a new project: Steward in Memoriam. For this body of work, they are collecting sounds of dying or injured Joshua trees in and around the park and keeping detailed records of the sites of each recording. Over the course of three weeks, they’ve used the residency studio as a home base, creating multi-media collages and site-specific interventions that address ideas of preservation and memory within the context of the Joshua Tree National Park. Sofie

Elana Hodara is a Boston-based multimedia artist, designer, and educator. Her work aims to critique the quantified-self movement and create beautiful, non-utilitarian experiences with technology. Hodara is a member of the Bromfield Gallery (Boston, MA) and co-founder of the International Institute of Contemporary Art and Theory, an artist-in-residence program based in Mangalia, Romania. Her work has been shown internationally and featured in Fresh Paint Magazine, Made in Mind Magazine (Fall 2015), and the Journal of the New Media Caucus (V.11 N.02). She currently teaches design at Emmanuel College, Massachusetts College of Art and Design, and Tufts University.

UBIQ, short for ubiquitous, is an anonymous sound artist. His work includes public performances, or “Soundings,” in which he usurps control of existing sound infrastructures and broadcasts familiar ringtones and alerts from digital interfaces.

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