John Plowman and Bernard Leibov: The Collab Project
Open House Saturday, February 3, 2018 at 3 PM ā€“ 6 PM @BoxoHOUSE

John Plowman and Bernard Leibov are collaborating on a project that explores the dynamic of the collaborative process. Their aim is to establish a framework for the collaboration where the focus is on studio production that explores a sense of place. They are engaging a process to interrogate and better understand their respective positions of artist and curator and present work reflective of this process. Key to the collaboration are their experiences of making, curating, presenting contemporary art and engaging with audiences in non-gallery spaces outside of an urban context. Please join us for an open house that presents the primary outcomes of this project.

John Plowman is an artist whose practice encompasses both studio and curatorial activity through which he explores his interest in the production of art and the site(s) of its production. His work includes sculpture, installation, performance and drawing exploring the dynamic between two and three dimensions, the made and the yet to be made. Drawing is a key element of his art practice that at various times has been visible by its presence as much as by its absence. In 2004 he established the curatorial project Beacon which curates, creates and connects spaces for art, artists and audiences. Since 2004 Beacon has worked regionally, nationally and internationally commissioning context specific artworks from over seventy artists providing opportunities for people to experience contemporary visual art in non-gallery spaces, usually heritage sites. Artist Website: | |

Bernard Leibov is an arts administrator, curator and artist who examines the power of artists and art to shape communities. He is the Founder Director of BoxoPROJECTS, a residency and programming initiative in Joshua Tree, CA and the co-Founder/Co-Curator of the Joshua Treenial. Bernard has been continually active in the arts alongside former corporate roles and is the former Deputy Director of Judd Foundation.