Open House for Eliza Kentridge, artist in residence
Saturday, November 8, 2014 2-5pm @BoxoHOUSE

Please join us at an open house for artist in residence Eliza Kentridge and a viewing of works inspired by the idea and experience of Joshua Tree.

Eliza Kentridge is based in Wivenhoe, in the United Kingdom. She has a diverse practice though is best known for her work with textiles and paper to make appliqued drawings. She is influenced by a variety of traditions such as Ghanaian Fante Flags, European samplers and the folk art traditions of domestic fabrics, and is inspired by other artists who undertake an eclectic practice.

“I have liked this method of working since I was young.  It gives you time to think. Also, I like the feel of fabric crumpled in my hands; it feels sculptural, yet emerges as a drawing.”Eliza sources her imagery from newspapers, magazines, and family albums, and lifts them from their original context by isolating them and introducing unexpected elements. She recently completed an MA in Sculptural Practice and has been working with clay to translate her imagery into clay friezes which sit alongside her fabric works and drawings to provide an expanded vocabulary.

For her residency at BoxoHOUSE, Eliza has undertaken a project entitled An Imagined Joshua Tree. Working at her studio in Wivenhoe, a picturesque fishing village in Essex, Eliza made a series of gestural works inspired by her imagined response to Joshua Tree. While at BoxoHOUSE, she has engaged in making work as a direct response to the landscape and community. The two sets of works will be featured  at her open house on Saturday November 8 2014

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