Julie Weiman
February 10 – March 10, 2018
Opening reception: Saturday February 10, 2018 2-5pm
Exhibition continues by appointment

BoxoPROJECTS is very happy to present Saturate, new works by Julie Weiman,  an artist who lives in California and Boston. While abstract, the paintings and drawings in Saturate are grounded in the landscape, specifically the Mojave Desert of Southern California. Julie uses a range of mediums including plaster, flashe, ink, kakishibu, rust, graphite, soil, acrylic and wax.

Her approach, including layering and scraping, leads to a richness in pigment and a depth of texture evocative of the land itself. The artist’s colorful eye and flowing forms in turn reveal her inspiration found in abstract expressionism and pop art. Plaster, as well as layers of canvas and linen, are the foundation on which the hidden complexities of the work are built.

This is work begun in California desert, specifically the high Mojave. It is mostly dry there, although when it rains, the ground opens up and what it can’t absorb can turn into a small river or a flash flood. The light is liquid, the land is grand, the nights are full of stars, and the silence is stunning. It is a powerful place.

Julie is represented by the Bromfield Gallery in Boston and by dealers in Massachusetts and California.