March 2023
Truly special experience! I felt it really brought me into the Joshua Tree community in a meaningful way. Bernard was insightful and fun to learn from. I loved it!

February 2023
The art experience in the middle of the desert was much better than expected. Bernard truly had insights and stories about the history around the land and relationship between the land and art sculptures and architectural sites. As an interior designer and art lover myself, it was such inspiring experience i had in years. Very much satisfied! Definitely want to come again

January 2023
Having Bernard guide us through current installations from various artists that have been in residence at Boxo was a delightful experience. His commitment to the Joshua Tree art scene is notable. We wouldn’t hesitate to book another tour with Bernard, we always learn something new about the ways artists approach their work.

October 2022
Bernard was exceptional host with impressive knowledge about local artists, architecture, and regional history. He made the tour interesting for our whole family!

April 2022
My adult daughter and I traveled to Joshua Tree to explore hiking trails and experience the art and culture of the area. I thought my daughter who is an artist would enjoy this tour. Bernard brought the work of the artist’s and installations to life for us both. It was a well curated tour and his passion for what he does and shares shined through. We were taken to installations we never would have know existed if not for this tour. Thank you Bernard

April 2022
Wow! This is a tour for art lovers! Bernard is knowledgeable and crafts an experience so his guests can really understand Joshua Tree the place, and Joshua Tree the artists. Well curated tour, and very kind guide. By the way, there were more teenagers than adults on this tour and Bernard made it work. We would do this again.

April 2022
Bernard has curated something really special here. It’s not just hopping from one IG-able art piece to another (although there are many visually cool site specific art pieces to do that). Much thought has been given to each site along the tour. Bernard celebrates the artist, by conveying his/her intention for that artwork. In most cases it’s about the community, the history, the relationship of human being and nature that is particular to Joshua Tree. I came away with a rich understanding, deeper appreciation of this amazing place. Bernard is also super nice, really approachable and patiently answered all our question.

March 2022
Great tour with a superb, knowledgeable, connected guide. Thank you for sharing the art and stories, Bernard!

February 2022
Enjoyed Bernard’s personal stories, passion for connecting the arts to social justice issues which is refreshing and important work in the Joshua Tree area.

February 2022
Bernard is a knowledgeable tour guide with an amazing setting in the desert for the varied art installations. It was a perfect day with sunny weather and a light breeze. He was very kind to take some photos for me to explore and play with shapes and poses. Excellent experience to find the hidden gems around Joshua Tree.

November 2021
This is great tour if you are looking for something different from typical outdoor experience in Joshua tree. Bernard did an excellent job describing all the art object that goes along with great stories.

March 2021
Bernard was phenomenal. Very knowledgeable, easy and accommodating. The tour was one of the highlights of our trip to Joshua Tree. Highly recommend!

February 2021
It’s has been a great experience overall. My boyfriend and I really loved it. Bernard truly is a part of the vibrant artistic scene in Joshua tree with plenty of insight!

February 2021
Great tour: insights into the local art scene and into the distinct communities around Joshua Tree, installations that we would have never seen on our own and some fun, thought provoking works. Highly recommend!

February 2021
Loved the huge variety of art we would have never found on our own and the stories to go with each. We covered a large area and Bernard did a wonderful job telling us the artist’s stories with additional information and pictures as well.

January 2021
Bernard is the BEST and so knowledgeable not only about art in the greater Joshua Tree area, but also about the history and culture of the region and beyond, which helps to give the art context as you’re learning. Really wonderful tour with a friendly and engaging artist and human. Highly recommend!

December 2020
Super interesting tour with Bernard. We learned a lot and came to know a lot about the art scene in Joshua Tree that we would not have otherwise known existed. We also spent time with a local artist and purchased a painting.

November 2020
We had a great time, the tour was very interesting. Bernard showed us some hidden gems in the desert. Thank you Bernard, we will come back for more!

November, 2020
We had a wonderful morning with Bernard and would absolutely recommend this tour! Bernard is a kind and compassionate man whose enthusiasm for art and culture shines through his storytelling. He shares the history and current status of the Joshua Tree art community as well as his personal dedication to foster visiting artists’ inspirations, connections and contributions to the local art scene. The tour was well paced, relaxing and thought provoking. We also learned about unique opportunities to visit future art festivals that we never would have known about otherwise. Side note: it’s really nice to let a guide take the reigns for a few hours and be a curious passenger. Thank you Bernard for a wonderfully curated experience!

November 2020
Bernard’s tour not only talks about art, but also talks about the cultural and historical context of the town. Highly recommended to people who are interested in art or people who just want someone to show you around.

October 2020
My experience with Bernard was amazing – way beyond expectation. Bernard took my friend and I to a few interesting sites where I would’ve never been able to find on my own. Unique locations, in depth backstories, cool visual arts and last but definitely not the least his pup JAKE really made this multi sensory experience a home run for me! Haha Hoping to be back for a customized experience in the near future with Bernard! Thank you again!

February 2020
Absolutely lovely tour with someone so intriguing and well-versed in the art world especially in Joshua Tree. Such a unique experience, would absolutely recommend for anyone with any art interests or for anyone wanting a special, one of a kind tour.

January 2020
If you are interested in art and architecture at all, and want to have unique insight into the Joshua Tree area and art scene you absolutely must tour with Bernard. He is supremely knowledgable, brings you to sites you would seriously never notice or find on your own and relays fascinating stories in a friendly un-pretentious, thoughtful way. He seems to truly enjoy what he does and want to share it with interested people of any age (we had a teenager and a pre-teen with us, and they loved every minute of this tour!). We met fascinating artists creating a wide range of contemporary art in their own studios. We heard their stories, watched their process, and had the chance to see how they live and work. How cool is that? What a unique, memorable experience- honestly an ideal representation of what a cool idea it was to start offering airbnb experiences, run by locals are the way to really discover a place you visit. Loved every minute of it, and highly recommend!!

January 2020
Bernard offers a one-of-a-kind tour of the artist community in Joshua Tree that is not to be missed. His background knowledge on the art and history is super engaging. He also welcomes you into his residency program location and sets up tours of local artist studios. This is a unique tour for those who love learning about local art and culture when they travel.

December 2019
Fantastic experience learning about site specific art in the area. Great variety of places visited and Bernard was a wonderful host. Unique experience and made me love this quirky part of the Mojave even more!

October 2019
Bernard is very knowledgeable and passionate about the artists in Joshua Tree, and has a lot of interesting stories about the individual artists and art installations in the community. We left the tour with a better understanding of, and more respect for, this special area. He also gave us suggestions for other places to explore during our additional time here

October 2019
Bernard’s tour is wonderful. You visit some incredible sites in the Joshua Tree area and his in-depth knowledge of each piece and often the surround land really brings you into the spaces. We had some great photo ops and also met one of the artists (!) who shared with us her passion for the High Desert and we were able to see a bunch of her work and learn about it first hand. Added bonus: we met Bernard’s super cute dog! Definitely recommend to art lovers of all experience levels.

September 2019
Bernard’s art and design tour was perfect for us as we were interested in learning about the art scene in Joshua Tree and didn’t know where to start. His expertise and background in the topic, dedication to sharing the JT art and design community along with his passion for artists and their creations was a unique and educational experience. The context Bernard is able to share given his involvement in the community made the tour exceptional. We’re fortunate to have found his tour and heartily recommend it for anyone interested in learning more about the art scene in Joshua Tree.

March 2019
Bernard’s art tour was an amazing experience that I highly recommend! If you love the desert and/or art, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this. Bernard is so knowledgeable and entertaining, as well as kind and genuine.

February 2019
Bernard was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. I happened to be the only one on the tour that day so I got a private art tour of Joshua Tree. It’s not about just “sight seeing,” he explains how all the work relates to the community, its impact, and connects the dots for you in a way that you wouldn’t be able to get on a large group tour. Would highly recommend.

January 2019
I wasn’t really sure what to expect, & in true Joshua Tree fashion, this tour was beyond anything I could have imagined. Bernard provided fascinating information about the art & artists, including historical context of the region & an intimate meeting with 2 local artists in their studios. I highly recommend this tour for anyone interested in art & wanting to do something off the usual beaten tourist track.

January 2019
After reading all the great reviews, decided to book this experience and we are so grateful we did. Bernard is so well connected with the Joshua Tree art community and indeed is actually the heart of it. We saw so many beautiful pieces and learned so many interesting stories behind the art. Loved meeting the artists and seeing their live studios. Really enjoyed our time with Bernard and how dedicated he is to sharing his knowledge and love of art.

October, 2018
Highly recommend this for a unique and eclectic behind the scenes look at the artistic culture in Joshua Tree. Bernard was an engaging host, and provided access to the local scene. Great opportunities for photography.

October, 2018
Bernard has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and connections not just for the Joshua Tree art community but also the community at large. He shares with you his connection with the art and the artists approachable to the interested even if you are not immersed in the art community. He also shares insight about the community of Joshua Tree and will point you in the direction of other interests. My twelve year old son and I spent the morning with Bernard. He was able to engage my son’s artistic interests steering him toward art that most interested him. I suspect he was inspired to create his own art upon our return home. Thanks Bernard!

June, 2018
If you are searching to understand the artist community in and around Joshua Tree, Bernard and his tour must be your 1st choice. Bernard will guide you to the various artist exhibitions scattered around the desert while simultaneously opening your eyes to the politics of the area. After the tour, Bernard welcomed us to his home and studio spaces. There we were introduced to two phenomenal artists. Added bonus was Bernard’s dog who’s cuteness rivals all. Highly recommend!

May, 2018
The Joshua Tree Art and Design tour was fabulous. Bernard is a wealth of knowledge in art/artists in general as well as an historian of the local arts scene. We visited artists homes and studios that you would never see on a standard tour. There’s beautiful art to see in Joshua Tree and I highly recommend.

April, 2018
This was a personal tour – just my husband and me, so we were able to ask lots of questions. We visited a number of sites with widely varying styles – mostly large works outdoors. We also were able to see smaller works, indoors, created by artists-in-residence and visited 2 studios of local artists. I felt like we were able to get a good sense of the local culture. I’d highly recommend this tour. Well worth the time.

April, 2018
Bernard offers a truly unique insider’s view of the art scene in the Joshua Tree area. I enjoyed visiting studios, seeing publicly accessible art, and being given a tour via his car to places I could not have found on my own.

April, 2018
Bernard’s art tour was definitely one of the top highlights of our trip. He is personable, knowledgeable, and passionate about the arts. After touring with him, you really feel like you know the Joshua Tree art scene, have gotten a taste for the variety of art in the area, and have a new friend. Our family toured with Bernard and my non-artsy husband and my teenage son both really enjoyed the 3-hour experience. I could have toured all day. Thanks to Bernard for adding so much to our last day in the area. I highly recommend this tour.

March, 2018
This was the best tour given by someone who is not only passionate about contemporary arts but is also active in the community. If you have any interest in the arts or in how artists can thrive in a small desert community, you need to take the time to do this!