The Joshua Treenial 2017: Event Horizon

March 31 – April 2, 2017

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The Joshua Treenial 2017 is done and dusted – a huge thank you to the artists, cultural partners, sponsors, volunteers and attendees who made it such a success. You can read about it and see images from the weekend here and make your plans for attending the next one.


Palm Springs Life Art and Culture preview of The Joshua Treenial 2017
Desert Outlook preview of The Joshua Treenial 2017
Joshua Treenial 2017 Preview in Artillery Magazine Newsletter
Reading the Landscape Guidelines for Artists in the Desert Sun
Joshua Treenial in the Hi Desert Star
Jetsonorama installation in Huffington Post
Reading the Landscape launch on KCET Artbound




China AdamsCathy AllenHeimir Björgúlfsson – Michelle Castillo – Gerald Clarke – Clara Darrason & Andrew ErdosBob Dornberger – Stephanie DiGregorio and Emily SilverPaula FloresJesse GilbertCarole Kim,  Moses Hacmon & Matthew SetzerGregory Michael HernandezJetsonoramaMasood KamandyRolfe KentSant KhalsaKristin McIverJane Chang MiSonja SchenkAli SilversteinKyle SimonRoberto Visani Lisa WardStephen Whisler

Cultural Partners
Art QueenDiane Best Angel ChenHarrison House Music, Arts & Ecology – High Desert Test Sites ​- Joshua Tree Highlands Artist Residency –  JT LabOutpost Projects Aaron Sheppard

BoxoHOUSE – The IntegratronJoshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater – Jetsonorama Installation

Bonnie and George Kopp – Ken Kuchin & Tyler Morgan – Rosy Macedo – Julie Weiman

JT2017 is a Parallel Project of Desert X

Special Thanks: Sasha Dees, Diane Giannelli, Anna Gross, Dineke van Huizen, Heather L. Johnson, Brenda Ostrander, Natasha Peterson, Bill Thomas

Logos: Pie for the People, MDLT, Royale Projects, BoxoPROJECTS, the desert house, joshua tree health foods, crossroads cafe, pappys, pink satellite, CMC