Structures is an open installation of works by Diane Best, Tim Saternow, Steed Taylor and Gosia Wlodarczak. Diane Bests’s images of SHACKS decaying in the Mojave Desert examine the structural integrity of these jackrabbit cabins themselves as well as the regulatory and social structure in which they were created. Tim Saternow’s paintings of abandoned buildings and towns, capture the decay and preservation present in the desert. They also examine the very structure of painting, introducing expressionist gestures onto figurative imagery to create depth and patina. Steed Taylor’s Celtic Knot for Joshua Tree  is a permanent installation – a cast on site concrete knot that symbolizes continuity and momentum. Incorporating inspirational objects provided by the local community, the Celtic Knot has become part of the structure of the landscape itself. Lastly, the structure of BoxoHOUSE itself has been buttressed by FROST DRAWING FOR JOSHUA TREE, the traces of twelve hours of performative drawing in which Gosia literally drew the community into/onto the surface of the building. Also featured is a video work by Diane Best that documents the making of FROST DRAWING FOR JOSHUA TREE.

Celtic Knot and FROST DRAWING are viewable all weekend. Diane Best’s photographs and Tim Saternow’s paintings can be viewed Sunday October 13 12-6pm. BoxoHOUSE is at 62732 Sullivan Road, Joshua Tree, 92252. Please use this map for guidance as GPS is not reliable.