BoxoFFICE is proud to present What Are You Thinking All Day?, a solo exhibition by Eliza Kentridge. Eliza works with textiles and paper to make appliqued drawings. She is influenced by a variety of traditions such as Ghanaian Fante Flags, European samplers and the folk art traditions of domestic fabrics, and is inspired by other artists who undertake an eclectic practice.

“I have liked this method of working since I was young.  It gives you time to think.
Also, I like the feel of fabric crumpled in my hands; it feels sculptural, yet emerges
as a drawing.”

Eliza sources her imagery from newspapers, magazines, and family albums, and lifts them from their original context by isolating them and introducing unexpected elements. Having previously worked to simplify her subjects and convey emotion, this exhibition reintroduces narrative as the figures are brought into relationship either within or between the works.

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