JT 2017: Event Horizon

In general relativity theory, an event horizon is a boundary in space-time beyond which events cannot affect an outside observer. In layman’s terms, it is defined as “the point of no return, the point at which gravitational pull becomes so great as to make escape impossible, even for light.”

Joshua Tree is an outpost located at the edge of an event horizon. It directs our view toward the point of no return to which we are heading environmentally: the dry desert as metaphor for a potential outcome of the planet. The distress of the Joshua tree itself is pointing to a possible future for humanity and signaling for a change of direction. The speed of environmental decay appears to be increasing – at a certain point we will exceed the point of no return – and enter a black hole.

At the same time, the limitless horizon is a gift of the desert. The heavenly bodies rise and set so clearly against this thin line. Its sharp presence calms our minds and provides a point of orientation when things appear to be a-kilter. The horizon creates a sense of destination and adventure, and as a perceptual limit, the horizon invites us to imagine alternative outcomes for our planet and ourselves. What lies beyond the horizon are limitless possibilities.

Artists are being drawn from international, national and regional locations, with installations, projections, sculptures and wall works to be located around the central hub of BoxoHOUSE. Some performances will take place at other locations such as the Integratron and the Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater.

Over the weekend, local artists and art institution Cultural Partners will participate with supporting programming to activate the area. JT2017 will be the launch partner for the Mojave Desert Land Trust’s Reading the Landscape curriculum which includes guidelines for artists working in desert locations. JT2017 is a parallel project of Desert X.