BoxoPROJECTS is proud to launch its residency and programming series in Joshua Tree, CA with Gosia Wlodarczak’s FROST DRAWING FOR JOSHUA TREE.

Gosia Wlodarczak undertakes performative artwork that grapples with capturing the essence of the now; of being present within space, time and language. Her drawings record the predicament of existence as a membrane of imagery drawn from the objects, landscape, people and texts  she encounters.  These drawings are executed on a variety of surfaces, in a variety of contexts both public and private. Her frost drawings, executed on glass, create a dynamic archive that continues to interact with the shifting worlds on either side of the pane. In a recent project, FROST DRAWING FOR KALLANG, 2011, Gosia recorded the activity of the Singapore Biennial by drawing for 12 days on the glass walls of the Kallang Airport terminal.

FROST DRAWING FOR JOSHUA TREE unfolded over three days at BoxoHOUSE, the new local BoxoPROJECTS site. From Friday February 3 to Sunday February 5, 2012, the community at large was invited to meet the artist, witness the making of the work and so be part of inaugurating BoxoHOUSE’s activities locally. The resulting work will be on view throughout 2012 (directions to BoxoHOUSE).

During the week long residency, Gosia also under took a series of spontaneous performances at venues across the area. From coffee bars to restaurants, from a museum to the National Park, Gosia captured “the situation” in a series of canvases that are also on display.

During the residency, Gosia was accompanied by her longtime collaborator Longin Sarnecki who will documented the performances.

Of Polish origin, now based in Melbourne, Australia, Gosia has exhibited widely over the past 25 years and her work is included in many important collections internationally including the National Gallery of Australia. Her animated film, THE TRAIN  TRIP was recently presented by the Drawing Center in New York City and she recently completed a two week residency and drawing performance in conjunction with her solo exhibition at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA.

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